Xi risking complete power collapse as widespread protests erupt over draconian lockdowns


Xi Jinping is facing potential downfall, after having implemented various Orwellian measures to preotect his hold on power. It includes draining billions from state funds to detect and suppress criticism of himself and the Communist Party. 

However, the Covid-19 challenge has proved too difficult, as strict lockdowns have lead to more serious protests. 

It comes after Beijing was gripped by hardline security measures ahead of the Communist Party congress last month. 

Social media clips began to circulate calling for strikes by students and workers, calling for Chinese people to be “citizens, not slaves”. 

The clips showed banners calling Jinping a “dictator and national traitor”. 

As a symbol of wider Communist oppression, Shanghai protesters took up their plight. 

They demanded freedom from Jinping and Communist rule, for China as well as Xinjiang.

It comes only a month after the Party Congress where Jinping consolidated his grip on power.

He has spoken lately about “people-friendly policies” and the need to promote “common prosperity”. But a tipping point seems to have been reached at which the citizens of China have had enough.

Protestors in Shanghai are explicitly saying they want democracy in place of Communist dictatorship 


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